Peer Support + Advocacy, In Action

Image ®2005 Sherman Mui ··  AFM turnworker behind the scenes at Sears Point Raceway

When I first started this project, I had some pretty clear ideas in my head about things I wanted to see in an EqualTogether app. I’m a techie, of course that’s how my mind works. The purpose of this endeavor though, is to get to the sweet-spot of why all existing diversity programs are so rife for SouthPark parodies… and what possibilities there might be for any kind of a system for re-education that could work.

How does the Bro Infection spread? What drives poor behavior? Peer modeling, of course! So, how about shooting for the opposite… but consciously?

Somewhere along the way, my brain recalled the Rider Rep program that was (and still is!) in place at The AFM, from that awesome blip in my 20s when I decided to become a professional motorcycle racer (didn’t last, but damn what fun!). What’s unique about that program, is that as factory union workers at the turn of the century were critical in getting workplace safety on the national radar… the racers themselves it turned out, are the best advocates of track safety and mitigators of conflict among fellow racers and the organization.