When saving the photo-collage above, I named the image manshow.png

Yesterday’s 90min Apple Event did feature an abundance of women. Keeping with historic patterns of showcasing new products, almost every device-screen image in a demo, featured a beautiful woman. The game that was demoed, featured an (adorable) female character. The retail demo showing a credit card experience, featured women actors. None of the presenters of the products, however, were women. None of the celebrated makers behind the magic, were women. One product demo image of a panorama, even featured a model standing on a berm of rocks in the ocean, in a stark likeness to Botticelli’s Venus. (?!)

I would have just rolled my eyes, had the whole thing been a unilateral man show. The dichotomy between a +90% presence of beautiful, radiantly-feminine women as models in the product demo images, and the 100% presence of men as product owners demonstrating their brainchildren, instead just left a dark, empty-pit feeling in my stomach. It was a very personal feeling of disappointment, despite the tingling of my skin in ecstatic glee from the actual design & tech solutions themselves, presented as finessed, production-ready products I will be storefront-camping like a total dork, to be among the first to buy.