Diversity: The Elusive HOW, A Practical Guide For Businesses

I've learned so much thus far in my journey with EqualTogether, so wanted to spend some time this past week to document those learnings, to spread the knowledge. Blown away by how well the article was received, and with the excitement around exactly what I'd intended it to be (and no more): one gal's $.02 from the trenches, on some 101 Basics to share with the rest of the world.

Thanks to all for the support, and dive on in!

Anything is possible — and everything worthwhile, mandates both access and commitment. 

Diversity is an admittedly daunting task — where to frickin’ start, how to execute successfully, and all without sanitizing your company’s unique culture to something primed for South Park lampoons. So I wrote this article as an entry-point for folks to get past that initial thud-stop freeze of not quite knowing where or how to begin, how to adapt when things don’t seem to be working, and why sticking with it will deliver. And, yes — with science! :)

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